November 10, 2019

How To Earn Extra Income

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Hello, We’re Connecting Consumers To Businesses!

Let’s help you get
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We find the companies who want to connect with more consumers.

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Digital Affiliate Products

Website plugins, Apps, Ebooks and More

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We connect with multiple local businesses that promote their company or products through our network of members.

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Money Making Business

Website & Mobile apps is another way to make residual and passive income.

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Digital Products

Earn points when you purchase.

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Get Free Brand Products

Get free products to help build our sponsors brand identities to elevate supporting business.

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Money Making Websites

We build money making websites to help anyone generate residual and passive income


I know how difficult it must be to connect with someone you have never met, but we do it every day on social media.

Join us!

 USA Caribbean Network Inc. is building a network of businesses that will generated revenue from affiliate marketing, google ads revenues and YouTube revenues and much more. Here is the concept; If 1 business can create $1 per hour, that means 1,000 business can create $1,000 per hour.

  • $24,000 per day
  • $168,000 per week
  • $8,736,000 per year

 We are setting up 1,000 business websites that we have discounted from $99 for the first 1,000 participants who purchase this offer.  Participants can sell any product or service and keep 100% of their sale or commissions. 

  • We share revenues generated by UCN with all members.
  • We pay revenues out every 30 days
  • Each member giveaway ten business websites to someone they want to help.

We create and manage each website we design.

  • Websites (WP Theme, Hosting, Plugins and Email are included)
  • Promotional Videos for our YouTube channel
  • Graphic design (flyers, business cards, social media banners etc)

The secret to the website we build is the hourly auto posting to social media plugin that generate a continuous view to each website.

  • Each time someone visits a site there is a potential to earn ads revenues.
  • Earn commissions from the sales of an affiliate product.
  • Earn a referral fee from a local business we are promoting
  • Earn a sale from someone orders a product, services or a membership.


Here’s how your website will add points to allow you to collect cash & products. (Google Adsense Sample Account)

Step 2: we connect Each website google analytic link to your email to track the results of your site. 

UCN Point Reward System

View Points (VP): Whenever someone visits any page on your site you accumulate 1 points.

Every 10,000 VP = $100

Click Points (CP): Whenever someone clicks on any ads or  offers you earn 3 points

Every 2,500 CP = $100

Registration Points (RP): Whenever someone sign up as a member go get a website you earn 2 points 

Every 100 RP = $100

Purchase Points (PP): Whenever someone or yourself Purchase from any company or sponsor you earn 5 points.

Every 200 PP = $100

STEP 1: You must register (At our site or our social community site) as a member to get your website/domain as describe above.


We can verify all members website with Google analytic.  UCN will track all ads progress and performance through Google Adsense App they provide updates to members only. (Sample screen shot View)

Google Adsense USA Caribbean Network

Earning more money

Affiliate Tube Builder See sample