November 10, 2019

How It Works

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Watch shorts Ads, business offers, new business and educational how to videos.

Making money from monetized websites

We are creating a network of monetized websites which have the same links from multiple income sources that earn income from traffic from the sites, click on ads from the websites and purchases from the websites. 

UCN is affiliated with multiple income streams, therefore all website for community members are free once they pay a yearly membership fee of $99.

If you choose now to get a membership we charge $995 for the same website setup with all the monetized links where you can keep 100% of the revenue generated from your website. Click Here

Rather than making money from one website member can make passive income from up to 9,900 website that are connected through our network to produced shared income for each group.

A members monetized website is designed with the member own niche, where the member can sell any product or service and collect 100%, or promote any products or service he or her chose as their niche. 

However all community members website can include affiliate links from and of the local companies, services or links below

  • Amazon

  • Click bank

  • Warrior +

  • JVZooo

  • Max bounty

  • Share a sale

  • Local companies….

  • Website order clients

  • Joint ventures sales (25%)

  • Memberships plans

  • Google & YouTube Ads Revenue

Featured  links On all members websites

Cash to join

  1. Fusion

  2. Create Your Own Cash Daily

Referral payment for members

Registered members earn 25% of the participants who registered as a member. Payable every 30 days.

  • $99 you make $24

  • $500 you make $125

  • $4,995 you make $1,250

After we create your website all you need to do is share your domain daily on social media.

When your website gets 2,500 clicks, you will earn $1,000 as seen in the examples below.

Monetize your website!

These websites will contain advertisements and sponsors  banners, videos and sliders. Every time a user clicks on an advert, you will earn money.

Some ads come from publicity networks that have an agreement with UCN. It is an automatic and clear system for websites created by UCN.

With this system the ad-network pays UCN the income generated through the advertisements from your website,  UCN then pays you per click, viewing points, etc please read more below.

Here’s how your website will add points to allow you to collect cash & products. (Google Adsense Sample Account)

UCN Point Reward System

Page View Points (VP): Whenever someone visits any page on your site you accumulate 1 points.

Every 10,000 PVP = $100

Click Points (CP): Whenever someone clicks on any ads or  offers you earn 3 points

Every 2,500 CP = $100

Registration Points (RP): Whenever someone sign up as a member go get a website you earn 2 points 

Every 100 RP = $100

Purchase Points (PP): Whenever someone or yourself Purchase from any company or sponsor you earn 5 points.

Every 200 PP = $100

STEP 1: You must register (At our site or our social community site) as a member to get your website/domain as describe above.



Each day we will generate over 10,000 clicks from members whose website will auto post and share their links hourly on their social media. Sample click here


How generating revenues works.

  • Ads revenues is generate when anyone clicks on the ads links within a website.
  • We generate CPA revenues when someone clicks on a link and fill out a form or survey.  CPA offer can pay larger payouts for leads.
  • Affiliate links (Digital Products) revenues are generated when we share or advertise the links, upon any purchase a commission of 75% or greater is paid out.

Here is the concept;

 If  an ad pay $1 per click, when  we generate more that 1,000 clicks we can ensure that each 100 members can make more that $1,000 per month.

  • Hourly 1,000 clicks $24,000 per day
  • CPA offers @ $9.50 minimum, 100 forms fill out daily ($950/Day)
  • Share an affiliate link to help generate over 100 sales/commission daily $49 minimum to $500
  • We charge an average of $50 per leads to small businesses we work with. Our goal is to generate over 100 leads daily for our clients.

Taking part members’ daily goal.

  • Promote you site to get more that 10 clicks per day 
  • Fill out at least one CPA offer daily
  • Share your website domain on your social media daily

Affiliate Tube Builder See sample

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Q. How many sales can I make from my 1-Click SEO Store Builder website?

You can make unlimited sales, sell unlimited units of each product to unlimited customers, there is no limit on how much money you can make from your SEO Store Builder site.

Q. What are the basic requirements to launch my site?

You just need a domain name and hosting on any popular web host that supports php. You need about 50mb of space to launch your site – that’s it. No special requirements are there for launching your site.

Q. Is this a wordpress theme or plugin? Do I need WP?

No this is not wordpress based, it is not a theme or a plugin. This is an independent software that does not require WP and you can just copy & paste this to your site to launch your new online store.


Q. How many sites can I create with this Software?

If you pick up the unlimited sites license, you can install this software on unlimited sites that you own and create unlimited stores. This is a personal license and only applies to you. If you want to install this on client sites you should also get the developers license that will be offered as an upgrade after you pick this up.

Q. How many products can I sell from each site?

You can add up to 20 software apps or products and 20 ebooks plus 10 services to your site and sell unlimited copies of each of those products. To be able to add unlimited products to your site you can upgrade to the PRO version that is offered after you buy this.

Q. Can I add my own products to my new store?

Yes – you can