February 13, 2020


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What is Global Community Network (GCN)

GCN is a dba of The USA Caribbean Network which is a renowned business development company that encourages even the most ordinary people to be a part of a brilliant community and enjoy the Residual as well as Passive income offered by the platform. 

Thank you for visiting, we randomly give away daily cash to registered members.

First Let’s Clear Something Up Real Fast…

Our Community offers 3 types of income sharing memberships:

1.)100  PARTNERS:  JV partners who are looking to take their life to the next level and earn more income from multiple sources. Share in 1/3 of the funds our community generate each quarter.

2.)500  ASSOCIATE Members who are looking to start their first online business the right way to have success by investing in themselves.  Share in 1/3 of the funds our community generate each quarter.

3.)1,000 COMMUNITY MEMBERS  Share in 1/3 of the funds our community generate each quarter.

Few of the benefits of being a member.

  1. You will be setup with a WP website with several affiliate links.
  2. Every 30-90 days you will receive a payment when your website get views.
  3. Keep 100% of any sale generate from your website
  4. Add your favorite product(s) to our community store, then earn 25% of the net sales when consumers purchase
  5. Share in Eight different streams of revenues UCN generates.
  6. Attend monthly event we host freely
  7. Request fundraising assistance if you have an emergency.
  8. Request free flyer design or promo video or free business consulting.
  9. Get access to use our offices nationwide for meetings or business events.
  10. Get a joint venture (JV) business with UCN where you keep 75% ownership.
  11. If you own a business and need more clients or leads you are welcome to join our community.
  12. Three types of Membership: Partner , Associate or (affiliate $99/Year)

Membership Board for the community forever plan starting after the community 1,000 members.

Everyone will have a chance to participate in our management here is how.

Each year ten (10) members (Paid members in any group) will be randomly selected to the council of management board.

  • $9990 per year payable every month. ($832.50/Mth) 1099 required.
  • Directors manage the decisions of a department within our community.
  1. Joint Venture partnerships
  2. Assets acquisition
  3. Accounts receivables
  4. Accounts payable
  5. Community outreach events
  6. Members management
  7. Business sponsorship/fees
  8. Event coordination
  9. Website development/management
  10. Marketing & public relations

If they select you, they will train you in the position for 30 days by the previous person in the director position.

They then submit approval for plans and decision is then to the community partners.

Executive Management Board

Every three years (3) there will be a random selection for new management from members who register as partners only.

  • Annual compensation $25,000 payable each month ($2,083.33) 1099 required.
  • Replacement executives will work with newly selected replacement for 90 days.
  • Provide oversight to the 10 members on the council of management board.

United Contract & Management Inc,. in association with and USA Caribbean Network Inc., had allowed members to become part of the management forever plan.

So once the community opens, the selected members of the community will manage all the decisions and oversight.

To help us build our community any paid member can give away 10 free membership to anyone. 

After 1,000 members have registered, we will NOT be accepting any additional paid members.

We restrict some pages of the income sharing website to non-members.

After joining you will receive a members nondisclosure agreement (NDA) which is part of our privacy agreement.

By clicking on the sign me up link you agree to become part of a multi-million dollar income sharing community and be bounded by the privacy and non-disclosure agreements that our income sharing community offers including any sales generate reports by our companies and or joint ventures in our network.  You also agree that if you are not completely satisfied you can cancel your (FREE or PAID) membership.   If you paid any fees,  100% of the fees will be refunded within 30 days.