November 9, 2019

VIP Partners

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VIP Partner Package is $7,500/year up front or $2,000 down with $500/month.

  • Personal credit repair (through FES)
  • Business credit setup/trade lines
  • Fundraising campaign to raise $25,000 for you

Business setup and management

  • Branding Website to promote products or service.
  • Online store to sell products
  • Hosting/SSL
  • Paid WP theme
  • Paid plugins
  • Domain
  • Company email
  • State corporation LLC setup
  • IRS EIN for business
  • PayPal & Stripe

Management and marketing

  • Social media
  • PR campaign
  • Events marketing

Share revenues monthly from any JV business up to 25 different types.

  • Tax office
  • Beauty salon
  • Auto body
  • News paper magazine
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Website & graphic design

Free Services and benefits

  • Home maintenance service
  • Annual sports games (Basket ball, Foot ball & Soccer)
  • Annual vacations for 2
  • Annual gala reserve table for 2
  • Hair care at our members only salon when open
  • Tax preparation service

Asset sharing for special events

  • Use company exotic cars, boat or plane with a chauffeur.
  • Corporate rental account

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